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Preview page,  is a snap shot of the-melting pot's photo gallery. The Good Books section, almost a section unto itself, but totally connected, gives you a preview of the currently featured book. Preview Page of the- melting pot.com , Philadelphia and American Northeast contents. Wellness and other issues. Plus the most recent updates to this site.

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The AMBER Plan is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies and broadcasters to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases

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In this segment of our website we'll look at health issues and other general quality of life issues. These articles are strictly a reference tool to professional information.
According to the studies in human development. Innate to the human race is something referred to as "fight or flight" response or acute stress response. When we are challenged in any way, the body responds by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. This gives us a burst of energy to run away or to fight.

Unless this energy is used these hormones stay in the body, raising hell with our heart rate. This is a condition that can lead to high blood pressure and a host of many other maladies....More health Links

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Grand Army of the Republic, Brooklyn, New York. Soldiers' and Soldiers' Monument sits in a traffic circle gateway
grand_army_plaza_neighborhood.jpgto the Brooklyn Public library. Prospect park, Brooklyn Museum, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Caribbean Crime

Sea, sand, sun, drug trafficking, off-shore banking, and foreign dumping of criminals. The Caribbean is a smorgasbord of interesting activity. Drug related criminal activity all.

The Caribbean has now garnered a reputation as a channel for the supply of drugs from our neighbors to our South for the voracious consumption of the U.S and European drug markets.

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