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The melting pot photo gallery preview  Philadelphia events. Here you'll find annual Philadelphia celebrations, Caribbean and other events in these cities.
Browse the West Indian, and Puerto Rican parades in New York city. See adults rediscover their hidden
talents in New York's Easter Parade." It's about hats, with some interesting twists. And yes, the freaks, super-heroes and super-villains come out for New York's Halloween Parade -- a dark affair.

Nowhere is the New year rung in, as it is in Philadelphia. Over 10,000 marchers with string bands and
Broadway-type performances in the mix, this is the one-of-a-kind "Philadelphia Mummers Parade."

Ushering in spring in the Northeast wouldn't be the same without  Philadelphia's  flower shows. And of course
the quintessential spring festival. Brooklyn Botanic Garden's, "Cherry Blossom Festival." In the very popular
Japanese Hill and pond garden. Featuring Japanese classical and folk dance performances. Enjoy!

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The things to do and discover here in history-rich Philadelphia, the birth place of the United States of America seem to never end .More...

Philadelphia Flower Shows

Philadelphia Flower Show The most popular events in the American Northeast:. The Philadelphia lower Show 2013the oldest and most popular of flower shows anywhere."

Philadelphia Mummers

This annual tradition has it's origins in a Swedish New
Philadelphia MummersYear celebration, going back to the 1700s that would soon find other ethnic groups adding their own traditions. More.....

Ben Franklin Parkway vista

Ben Franklin Parkway image
Philadelphia's cultural muse. On this stretch of highway the path of intellectual and cultural fulfillment is breath taking. Starting at the Philadelphia museum of art to City Hall and much in between. Continue...

Mouse over Show

First U.S Government

Philadelphia mural arts

Slide Show


Historic African-American

Ma Bethel, African-American

A community was forged in Philadelphia -- not only a geographic clustering of former slaves, but also a community of feeling and consciousness. More...

Ma Bethel AME Church
Saint Thomas African Episcopal Church
Quaker house

Philadelphia Mural Arts

Philadelphia mural artsSee larger than life Murals painted on the sides of build. Go to New York city for graffiti, come to Philadelphia for an artistic experience. More...

Philadelphia Caribbean

Philadelphia Caribbean
Home to a sizeable and growing Caribbean population in the surrounding areas. More...

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"A melting pot" by definition is a blending of many racial and social groups. Today some social scientist are declaring the melting pot concept a myth, opting instead fort he concept of a "salad bowl." More...

Caribbean communityCan't hop an airplane to the islands any time soon? The Caribbean people have your Caribbean right here. Carnival parades and events. Song, dance, and living color. More...

New York City

During the Summer in New York city you can
with certainty, find at least one street fair a week. Almost as often with a little less regularity this great melting pot
prepares to celebrate a member of the community. More...

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New York Easter Parade

Parade?...well how about, street fair and hat show. Tell
Easter Parade us what you were thinking, when you made your ah,...hat. Some good clean fun on Manhattan's fifth Avenue. I love it so.
New York Easter Parade 2006

New York Chinatown

New york, China TownNew York Chinatown population before the 1970 consisted only of immigrants from Kwangtung and Hong Kong, but since then it has drawn Cantonese-speaking people from around the world.

Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Neighborhood.

New York Halloween parade

This dark affair in the Manhattan's village. along 6th avenue, starting at Spring Street. Brings out New Yorkers to view this make-believe procession of super-heroes,
super-villains and, classic story characters.

New York City Halloween Parade 2013
New York Halloween Parade 2006

New York Puerto Rican parade

The largest parades in Manhattan. The National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Home
of 60 percent of U.S Puerto Ricans. More...

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Cherry Blossom, B'klyn Botanic
Cherry Blossoms Festival
New York City's Brooklyn Botanic Garden rite of spring. View photos of the ever
popular Japanese Hill and Pond Garden and Japanese cultural performances. More...


Labor Day in Brooklyn

Brooklyn New York, West Indian Day Parade: It's Labor Day in Brooklyn, time again for New Yorkers and  folks who come from all points: England, Canada and across America.

Converging on Brooklyn, New York for this grass-roots of Caribbean parades.

An interesting foot note. Grand Army Plaza traffic circle who's name sake the Grand Army of the Republic, is a tribute to the American civil war union forces.
Brooklyn Grand Army Plaza Neighborhood.

I find  celebration in  this 80 wide by 80 feet high monument sitting in the middle of this circle.

It is dedicated to men and women of all races and creed who took up arms against their southern brothers.

And died for the ideal of a perfect union. A fitting end to a parade of pride by a people of African heritage, from a different shore.

Toronto International Carnival

CNN Tower, Toronto Toronto International Carnival
Caribana 2006
Toronto and Caribana: Some background on the birth of Carnival in Toronto.
Toronto CN Tower Dine at 346 meters (1142
feet) in a 360 degree revolving restaurant built in a free standing tower.

On a clear day it is said, you can see Niagara
Falls, approx. 30 Kilometers (18 miles) away --
as the crow flies. CN tower in total is 553.33 meters high (1825 feet) at it's highest point.

And while you're in Toronto you can hardly
avoid Yonge Street. Stretching 1,896km, make this bustling street the longest in the world.-- Ontario Fact Book.

New Jersey Caribbean events

Jersey City Carnival festival 2006

Island of Barbados

Barbados Barbados, island nation in the Caribbean.
This parliamentary democracy is high on the United Nations list of developing nations and a popular destination spot for tourist. More.

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Philadelphia places

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