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Welcome to The Melting Pot: Philadelphia page. Here in the birth place of the United States of
America; history-rich Philadelphia. The things to discover about the nations early history seem to
never end.
But that's only one facet of this melting pot, called the city of Philadelphia. The first in the nation
African-American society was formed here in Philadelphia. The many historic markers on
Philadelphia's streets records, the historic physical places of these events and makes for some
interesting reading.

Special Interest

State Trivia States Trivia
Philadelphia Reflections Philadelphia-reflections
Philadelphia Historic Interest
Philadelphia's Historic interest
Amber Alert Amber Alert
city of Philadelphia City of Philadelphia
Holiday Spirit, NE Philadelphia The Holiday spirit in NE, Philadelphia 2006

Notable Philadelphia

Independance hall First U.S Government
Independance Hall Independence Hall
Senate Senate
Congress Congress
Carpenter Hall Carpenter Hall
Liberty Bell Liberty Bell

Ben Franklin Parkway Ben Franklin Parkway vista
City Hall City Hall
Ben Franklin Institute Ben Franklin Institute
Love Park Love park
Philadelphia Museum at Eakins
Philadelphia museum of Art, Eakins Oval
Philadelphia Free Library Free library
Swann Memorial Fountain Swann Memorial Fountain
Logan's Circle Logan's Circle
Rodin Museum Rodin Museum


Ma bethel AME church Historic African American Historic African-American landmarks
Book: Forging Freedom
Book: Forging Freedom

History of America's
first Black society.

 Philadelphia mural arts Take a trip through our neighborhoods and be enchanted with the
Philadelphia Mural Arts Program Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Professionally painted larger-than-life murals adorn the walls of buildings.
 Philly Mural Arts Historic context. Philly Mural Arts historic context: Book

Previews Philadelphia's unique attractions.
Mouse over to Pause. Click image to Link

Philadelphia Celebrations

philadelphia mummers linkWhen practically everyone else in the country are done with their New Year's celebration. The highlight of Philadelphia's begins.
Philadelphia Mummers Historic Context Philadelphia Mummers historic context,
Philadelphia Mummers Historic ContextMummers 2013
Philadelphia Flower Show 2013 Philadelphia Flower ShowPhiladelphia Flower link
Philadelphia Flower Show ' 07 Philadelphia Flower Show 2007
Philadelphia Flower Show '06Philadelphia Flower Show 2006
--oldest and largest of it's kind.

Caribbean community Philadelphia Flower Show Philadelphia Caribbean Community
is seeing an influx of New Yorkers. Though not to the City of Philadelphia proper,
but to its surrounding suburbs. Granted that while New York City is a magnet for working class immigrants from all over the world. Caribbean peoples are essentially country oriented folks.
Philadelphia Puerto Rican Parade Phila Puerto Rican Parade 2006
Caribbean Festival Twentieth Annual Caribbean Festival
Philadelphia Caribbean Carnival Philly Carnival 2006
Ritten House Row Spring Festival Ritten house Row. Spring festival

Primary pages

Philadelphia places

Caribbean/Barbados Informed places Moments in timeAround the web
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