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Here  on the Barbados page we'll explore images of beautiful Barbados末images in true form末from the beaten path;  to  the path less traveled.
As we delve into Barbados' history. This segment attempts to present a perspective of the  Barbados, other than that of tourist infomercials,
from one who is himself a native of Barbados. Also for the viewing pleasure of those with a familiarity of Barbados, as well as, the general
Bajan-interest viewing audience.
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President George Washington, then a
major, on his only trip outside of the
United States said of Barbados. "I
was perfectly ravished by the beautiful
prospects on every side of the Island."

Barbados is a one hundred and sixty
six square mile island northeast of
Venezuela, South America, with the
Atlantic 0cean on it's East, and the
Caribbean Sea on it's West.

The most easterly--100 miles-- of the
Lesser Antilles group of islands Barbados
is twenty one miles long and fourteen miles across at it's widest point. Bajans, as we
like to call ourselves, would say 'a smile wide.'

The name Barbados (Los Barbados)
'the bearded one' so called because of
the beard-resembling nature of the
islands shaggy fig trees, was given it's
name by Portuguese navigator Pedro
Cameos who landed here on his way to

This parliamentary democracy.
is at the top of the United Nations list
of developing Nations with tourism being
one of it's major industries.

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Did you know?

  • Barbados (the bearded one). Got the name from the Portuguese headed for Brazil, in a stop over. Because of the Fig tree resemblance to a human beard.
  • The oldest Jewish synagogue in the western hemisphere. The Sephardic Jews brought sugar cane to Barbados during they plight from Brazil. (Ashkenazi Jews are the current occupants.)
  • In 2011 Barbados received a Human Development index (HDI) of 0.788 and rank 16th globally on Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index
  • Barbados once occupied by the British, in 1627末first discovered in 1624末 was never colonized by any other colonial power.
  • Third oldest Parliamentary democracy, in the Western hemisphere next to Bermuda.
  • The only place in the western world you'll find Jacobean great houses (Saint Nicholas Abbey) outside of Virgina, USA.
  • All aboard died when a Cuban plane crashed in Barbados waters on October 6, 1976. Monument to Cuban dead in Holetown.
  • Barbadian Allan Emtage conceived and implemented the first internet search engine, Archie末no longer in use. Tim Beners-Lee invented the web.
  • Back in the 1650s Barbados plantation owners needed laborers and Oliver Cromwell obliged them: Scottish indentures in Barbados.
  • United States Attorney General Eric Holder, New York born. Barbadian father, New Jersey mother.
  • Gwendolyn Infill New York born journalist: PBS news hour, Washington week, and presidential debates. Panamanian father of Barbadian decent, Barbadian Mother.
  • More of Barbados.

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